2020 Membership Drive:

MHOA Executive Board has approved a new dues restructure effective January 1, 2019.  The new restructure addresses the inequity in what we charge for dues to the smaller operator and how we address the growing next Generation population of approved operators within their parents organizations.


Any Owner Operator, That owns 51% or more of a restaurant creates a new membership.


Any Next Generation approved Owner Operator where they own multiple %’s of various restaurants creates a new membership.


Our structure basically mirrors the McDonald’s Franchising model in how ownership is held.


For example an entity that has 4 total restaurants with a next generation Owner Operator owning 51% of a 1 restaurant, that Operator would pay

$300.00 for that restaurant. The entity would be pay $ 500.00 for the remaining 3 restaurants. This is important since we will only advocate for our member Operators and their respective owned restaurants. The dues were restructured to more equitably reflect the 1-3 store Owner Operator that represents a large percentage of our MHOA membership.



The dues structure is as follows:

Next Generation $300

  1 Restaurant $300

2-3 Restaurants $500

4-9 Restaurants $650.00

10-15 Restaurants $750.00

16 + Restaurants $1,000.00

Division 1 Walmarts $150.00 

In the interim, here is a list of the MHOA Executive Officers you may want to contact.  If you have any questions, or require additional assistance, please feel free to contact any of us.

Santiago Negre                   Chair                      (203) 984-6744

Michelle Suarez                   Vice Chair              (717) 4684809

Mariselle Quijano                Secretary                (713) 907-4931                               

Ana Madan                          Advocacy Chair      (908) 884-6184

Carmen Lemus                   Treasurer                (408) 644-8181   

If you would like to join MHOA today just choose your membership level below and click next.  We look forward to having you join MHOA.

Thank you,

Carmen Lemus, Treasurer 

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